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London Decca Audio handles only genuine London cartridges made under licence from Decca, plus the latest 21st Century London products including the London Reference parallel tracking air-bearing pick-up arm just released.

"...unrivalled dynamics...the best phono cartridge I've tried. The dynamic expression was revelatory, even state-of-the-art...spine-tingling excitement...textbook reading of pace, rhythym and timing...sets an example to all."
Jubilee, Stereophile, June 1995

"Amazing! Incredible! Fantastic! These were the words that sprang to mind when auditioning the London Jubilee...the sheer detail and vividness of the Jubilee bowled me over...brings music to life like no other."
Jubilee, Hi-Fi Choice, April 2001.

"Sound was glorious, with superb image placement, powerful bass and detail retrieval of the highest order... the finest cartridge I've heard in my 40 years in the industry."
Super Gold, Hi-Fi World, April 2004.

"The'd swear they're in the room. There's no escaping it. The London the most involving cartridge I've ever heard."
Reference, Hi-Fi News, October 2004.

" I believe the best phono transducer yet devised and currently available....eclipsing all other designs I have ever heard....Wow, what a cartridge!"
Reference, Positive Feedback Online June 2010.

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